Friday, July 07, 2006

anonymously yours

I've been telling myself lately that there is no hope in my life anymore. As it is things aren't going my way and I was told that God is out there looking for me one way or another by closing one door He's bound to open a thousand or so more for me to cross over into.

But point of meeting here is what is it that is really wrong with me?

I am told not to blog about personal things. Other times I am asked just to blog about myself. Just how personal is the relationship that one blogger could have with his readers so that he vent off his negativity rantlings?

Where is the limit? The boundary? The red line?

Perspectives from one's view is blood to another, a sacred line not to be crossed.

Now what lies ahead is the freedom front.

Where silence bares no hand over my fingers to type away my emotions of which I conceal.

The path of an ordeal that is burnt into my aching mind and chest.

So forever, til the I reach the truth shrine, I remain an anonymous blogger to thee.

I remain unknown, even if I was an open book, nobody knows to which, the ending.


Nash said...

Come on Ali. You are such a lively person. We should never give up hope in life. OK, its got its dark and bright side, sometimes when we are in the tunnel we think we wont get out, but by God's will, we do get to the other end. So think of your lovely family and all those people around you. I hope things improve for you, take care my friend :)

PizzaQueen said...

sometimes is tough but we must never give up
Take care

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Nash, PizzaQueen:

well I was just questioning where the limits and boundaries lay for personal blogging should be if one cites it as one point and another to another.

I am all for this hope in life thing, but I would like to see a glimpse of it because as it is all I see is a half empty glass.

And I know nobody likes a soapy man

Nash said...

What you decide to reveal about yourself in a blog should be entirely your decision, whats important is what makes you happy, its not what others think. People should respect the decision you made, and not judge you based on their needs. I have read blogs which peopel reveal everything about themselves, while others I have read nothing is revealed. As far as I am concerned, no one blog is better than the other, they are all good in their own way.

For example, my blog is opne book, when you read it, you know all about me as if I am one of you :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Respectfully, that's your point of view.

Others may not agree with you. Me not being one of them.

Nash said...

I like the use of double negatives

MD said...

similar thoughts were the source of contention in my mind. how personal can i get in my blog, since some of my friends and family know my blog and there are details i cannot divulge.

who asked u not to write about personal things? just write whatever u want to, whatever consumes ur thoughts. make it abstract, if u don't wish to connect it directly to urself.

don't be anonymous. we write to find ourselves.