Thursday, July 13, 2006

life: the potential

I keep holding on

Simple life as it is. I hold on to hope hoping I don't miss. I hope that life will be true to me. As much as it is cruel to.

I have gone and read MD's last two posts and found them to be quite inspiring. To be honest I am a bit happy that life is giving me the pits right now because if I had tasted the good stuff first then I would have been baffled by why, who, where, what, and when. I think it's very true that you have to taste the lows before you aim for the high.

I also had a read at Ella's latest two blog posts. Which reflected the desire to drive away the negative energy that stills within our very souls. Makes me wish that I could use a little pampering for this kind of thing.

Just one note, though - before I give my thanks to the above bloggers - life is simply what you make it to be and what you want to be can be achieved in many a way without the need to look back and dwell on long lost past. I just thought I should mention that.

I feel so full of positive energy.

Thanks to MD and Ella.

I owe you both for showing that life is full of potential.


ArabLady said...

words are different from actions…..why is it hard to implement what we want to change in our lives…its true that we determine the path of our lives but you can’t ignore that u were born and your destiny, nationality, social status, the place u live in …etc are already set and planned for you….sometimes you want to change something but ur atmosphere, ur environment, and various factors affect ur choices and decisions ….

Ella said...

Your welcome i guess is in order here ! :) I'm glad my boring self-centered blog helped you out somehow!!
Thing is, if u keep saying your looking for change nothings gonna change.. you need to put ur words to action in order to get things running nd smooth agian.. for YOU r in control of your life !! :)
Enjoy your positivity.. and make it last longer :D

Sleepless In Muscat said...

ArabLady & Ella..

I guess you're both right. Singing phrases of positivity ain't always the healthy way to go about it.

I need and I will go about doing something positive even if only once per day.

Hey.. you gotta start somewhere, right?

MD said...

is it ironic that i returned to my blog to read the posts that u mentioned, so that i could see what could possibly inspire. ali, thanks for ur words...u've truly made my day. and i'm so glad u see that, in our misery lies our intelligence.

as humans, we always complain. if life was perfect, we'd complain and now that it's not...we are still complaining. maybe we should get the message this time. stop complaining and start living!

thank you...

...not for mentioning me..but for showing me a different side. this morning hasn't been the best.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


you're quite welcome, but I don't think I did anything.

maybe someday you will do the same for me ...


Anonymous said...

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