Saturday, July 29, 2006

where is the universe taking us?

You've all heard about the big bang theory.

You've also heard different theories of how the universe came to be.

And you most defitnitely know of the fact that the universe we live in, is in an ever expanding mode, stretching farther and farther to the point where no one really knows where and when it will just stop. And if it stops, what are the consequences on the many ingredients it holds within of which our Earth is also a member of certain catastrophical paranoma.

Scientists have long argued that there is nothing to be concerned about and that the universe will end up expanding forever and ever but other logicilists have gone to say that nothing lasts forever and that there is a time and place for everything even if it is not visible to the naked eye.

Who should we believe? And why?

Questions tumble and turn inside our heads and no answer avails for the riddle of where the universe is taking us is as old as time itself.