Saturday, July 08, 2006

Precious Life

You and I met
At a certain turn in life
Where life vents
Its passion in time

Where did we go wrong?
What happened to our souls?

Wasn't it at first sight?
Wasn't the light dim at night?

Passion beats through the veins
My life beats on like a fast train
I smile only to fake it because of the pain
I rise broken up unweilded asking to be born again

Like fire is to ice
Like day is to night
Like stars are to the sky
We're so close yet so far away

Change is never easy
Change is something we can never accept
We're only forced into the cycle
Because it's only our life that's ever left

We grieve in pain
We grieve in sorrow
We grieve and grieve
Like there is no tomorrow

We grieve because we think we have lost our world
Yet its the world that's losing out on us
We think we have no trust
Or people lack the essential trust

The confusion
Still don't know what's right from wrong
Now you're all alone

Life is but a stranger
Until you say 'Hi'
For if you never greet it
It wouldn't pass you by with a smile