Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the smile of a mime

He wondered through the pebbled streets. Wondered, looking for those eyes, to meet. Wondering, wondering, wondering alone. Wondering where she was and where she'd go.

Slim bit of hope in his heart.
Slim chance of defeat in the back of his mind.
Slowly, gradually, he thinks off the matter.
Tending to concentrate on her first, to find.

Like the show he was once at.
Like the people who never knew how to act.
They laughed and laughed with sadness portrayed in their eyes.
Tears of love and hatred. Tears of emotional defeat and angzied.

Walking under the corners of sweet shops and bakeries.
Walking beside restaurants, for a whole week, no food to eat.

Yet all he could focus on was her.
Those deep brown eyes.
The pearly white teeth.
The smile that goes with her eyes.
That would bring the strongest man to his feet.

Still he couldn't tell why it was her he couldn't talk to.
Afrodite, his heart sung to.

He stops.
Thinks a moment only to recollect.
This was all an act.
Not a lie.
But the smile of a mime