Saturday, July 15, 2006


It'll be a long time before I resign. Because resign would mean that I am giving in to the circumstances. To the environment and the clash of desires and needs that surround me.

Which is not an option for me.

That's a fool's exit. Not mine.

I intend to go all the way now. No matter what is takes. As long as there is an opportunity to live up to and as long as there is a demand for my work, then I will follow it's heed.

That doesn't mean that I would comprimise my health along the way. It just means that I will follow on with what I have until something else better with a bigger opportunity comes along.

This means more dedication from my side. More push to shove. And more confidence no matter what the circumstances that God has laid down a better chance for me along the way and has His ever watchfull eye upon me watching my every move to see if I follow upon it.


All hail the power of a pizza!