Tuesday, July 04, 2006

this is my life..

You'll have to forgive me, I have been up to my ears in work and I hardly ever have the time to type let alone to rest.

But, I have been following up on events which capture my attention in certain aspects.

Superman Returns is eagerly awaited here in the GCC although its release in the states will precede it by no more than a month. There's also The Fast And The Furious 3: Tokyo Drift; another good movie that is coming along and awaiting my drooling apetite for action movies. Rush Hour 3 is a movie I wouldn't want to miss although the director behind it did a terrible job of ending THE X-MEN 3: X-MEN UNITED by taking over from Bryan Singer, but hey - shit happens. Another great movie that is being anticipated is SPIDERMAN 3, which, coincidently, has a story similarity to the over popular Ubisoft game The Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, involving a battle within our hero against his dark side. Interesting...

As many of you know, I am an entertainment buff when it comes to music, DVDs, and newly released movies. But the excitement is just being built up in suspence mode. Can't wait until the attractions start.

On another front, everybody is still out of town. Most of my online 'buddies' are off on vacation, some due to return by August others by September. And speaking of September. I have taken a vow upon myself to try my very best - although it is not in my best interest - to fast this Ramadhan for the first time in 8 long years and to uptake the chance that I would have to seriously become a better man in life. Not that I'm not, mind you. I'm just.. well, you get the idea.

Anonymous attacks! It seems trouble is attracted to me yet again. This time from an unknown who blithers their opinion about everything in such an attackfull manner that I would just leave it at that. Better to let low-lives stay as low-lives lest they come and announce themselves and say what is really pissing them off.

Anyhow.. back to the pancaking session..

I can't really imagine myself working this hard on the long run. I do know however that my passion for poetry has not gone afar and that the proposed date for my third book could be sooner than I had planned and perhaps - even more dilegantly - in my mother tongue; Arabic. This is all up until now speculation, vis a vis; thinking out loud.


3anooda said...

this might give u an idea


you have all the same interest in movies as i do. but i would also add pirates of the carribean 2.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

3anooda: well to be honest i forgot to mention a number of movies that i would like to follow up on but filmcityoman.com isn't excatly the place to be looking for the newsest releases..

try these:

- www.movies.go.com
- www.imdb.com
- www.hollywood.com
- www.movies.yahoo.com

that's just a few...to be named..

ps: pirates of the carribean producer joel silver is going to make the Prince of Persia game into a true movie...details to be known when everything is inked.

3anooda said...

i stick to filmcityoman as it tells me whats happening around here. whats the point of getting my hopes up on something far away???

Sleepless In Muscat said...


because you can always get the other one which don't reach in time in the movie theatres on dvd ON TIME..