Monday, July 10, 2006

The Beast - The Lie

A smile in the crowd
Brings out you
A tear in the eyes
Takes me to solitude

The silent rumble
Of Earth's face
The emotions denied
The feel, the disgrace

Love isn't a passion
Nor a need
It's just a silly word
That surfaced through movies for us to make believe

There is no 'touch'
There is no 'spark'
There is nothing
Just you, in the middle of a room; dark

Tickled desires
Of either gender
Sick to your spine
If not, you, warm and tender

A flower is only as simple as it is
Complicated by it's smell
A flower is only a flower
Until you flourish it and nourish it well

I am the living contradiction of life
I am the beast, I am the lie
I am the unwanted soul to be hidden away
I am but a grieving man, mourning my every day


MD said...

brilliant. it's beautiful! ur words create a darkness...and i can almost see the figures fade into the darkness. i wish the light shines in ur heart, soon.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you.

I couldn't wish for more.