Sunday, July 30, 2006

wonder of wonders

I look at my life these days and I wonder
How the years have taken me away in ponder
Time has no limit
The fashion that spins it
A division of life or other?

Wonder and wonder with no haste
A wonder that concludes with no parade
The simple stick of guidance
On whom am I to rely on?
Life has always been problematic in this way

To risk life and the chance
To journey the seas or die in quicksand
To know exactly where I stand
The living breath of a soul that loses out on nothing but a chance

The future I look into, no so clear
The hidden obscurity of passion that was once so dear
Polluted heart at bay
Vision blurred, drifts away
And one day ..
Just one day..
I will have known what this was all for in return for moment's happines just to wither away


Sleepless In Muscat said...

"Anonymous lying in the shadow"..

First of all, I hate Oprah Winfrey because I think she's the queen of hyprocricy.

Secondly, I never asked for you advice around life or whatever matters I discuss on this blog whether you like to voice your opinion or not because I couldn't care less what you say about me since you're just trying to get on my nerves ever since you 'appeared' on my personal blog.

If I wanted advice I would have asked for it.

And if you're here to look at my profile just to fend off what you think is right and wrong about people my age should and shouldn't be doing then you need to think again.

I talk on my blog about things on my mind. I don't talk about mental diaries about what goals I want to accomplish. If you want to find someone who does, I could point out a dozen..

And save your advice for someone else whose interested.

My poetry here is for people who admire poetry and how I think about life and other related issues currently or not.

So I would appreciate it if you would just buzz off..

Otherwise I will just delete all your annoying comments.

Oh, by the way, get yourself a proper nickname to go online with instead of 'lying in the shadow'..