Friday, July 14, 2006

gesture of emotion

Have you ever had those one those moments whereby you felt like dancing as if it's nobody's business? It doesn't matter if you can dance, you just want to dance.

Well? Have you?

I have always felt like that. And no matter how ridicioulos it looks on me where-ever I am doing it, it just feels good to show that energy off like a bolt of lightening it only happens once in one place.

Today. I was struck by that bolt of lightening.

I let it all out. Some of you will think how a big moron I would seem to be if they ever saw me in such a position. And I totally disagree with that.

Based upon..

People in Oman accept that guys can wear pink clothings which is simple unacceptable by others' standards because the reference of gender it would imply. Others think it's ok for young men to wear ponytails or earings/piercings of whichever part of their flesh.

Yet they mock at this?

A simple person making a simple gesture of emotion, of making it known how happy they are?

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..


Noors said...


Pink is the fashion for men this year, I swear! I don't approve, but I've become indifferent to seeing men walk around in pink shirts.

Being happy is always a choice we make. :)

Per Your Request said...

I say dance if you wanna dance!
And by the way only real men wear pink. I have no problem with it, actually I dont understand why pink is classified as a female color?

ArabLady said...

Listen I always say that to myself: if I wanna listen to wut people think I will never do a thing in my life…u remind me of my mom who didn’t want me to wear short skirt in my graduation party just coz she was worry about some gossip behind my back …..!! why would I care about wut old women would say ….Imagine …..

Believe me don’t give a shit to wut ppl think coz after all wutever we do we will never satisfy them…to hell with their long tongues !!!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I have to say I never saw that coming especially from someone such as you.


Per Your Request:

So you think that pink is a unisex color?

wow...that's something new.


Well I don't know about the short skirt, as I can't comment on that. But you ARE right about not giving a damn about whatever people say.

I mean, after all..

We only live one life..

ArabLady said...

why u can't comment ...i guess in islam if u r muslim ya3ni...women are allowed to wear wutever they want infront of ma7arim and other women only if i am not mistaken

Noors said...

okay explain lol!!!

What didn't you see coming? And what do you mean by someone like me?

Is it the pink comment? lol, it's the fashion, wala, you see men walking around in pink tops, pink shirts and even pink ties! At first, it was just weird having to look at a guy wearing this colour, I'm a pink person, and I love it because it's a girl's colour. But then I guess when you come across it again and again, it just doesn't feel as weird as it did, again, not that I like seeing a guy in pink!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Something along that line .. yes.



Yes it was the pink comment. I thought you always wanted to be more strict and everything. This isn't quite what I expected. But I guess everyone's personality and prefferences are entitled to change over a period of time. Right?

Noors said...

well, I am strict, if something is a no no, then it's a no no. But with this, I can't tell some guy wakling down the street not to wear pink! Like I said, pink to me, has always and will always be a 'girl's' colour.

lol, if I had a guy I WOULDN'T let him wear pink!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


so if you HAD a guy, you wouldn't let him tell YOU what to do, where to go and what to wear but you expect that HE would understand that coming from you?

Is that what you're trying to say or am I understanding incorrectly?

Noors said...

err okay this is getting complicated!

All I did was made a simple joke about how pink is the fashion for men these days lol.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I know that's all you did.

But I was just only replying to your answer to see where it went from then on. Seeing as you're not comfortable with it I will close it at that.