Monday, July 31, 2006

Repost: oh what a cowardly world we live in

I haven't been able to write about anything much because the most biggest issue these days is the Israeli seige against Lebanon.

So I am just going to post what I had posted on Secret Arabian on the very same matter to see what you all think about the whole matter.


Yesterday, here in Oman, there was a very strong rumor around the country that there would be a large peacful demonstration that would lead towards the American embassy here in Muscat.

I asked the person in name of what their aim behind the whole demostration is and their simple yet ample answer was that they wanted their voices to be heard by the American authorities in the country to stand up and do something about the escalated detoriating situation in Palestine and Lebanon very recently.

Now, being me, as I was in their age once a day in the past, I would have agreed to do indulge in such an action because I wouldn't know the consequences that would await me along the way of such a peaceful demonstration.

But that's a teenager's reaction to the Middle East crisis.

What about the higher authorities? Countries presidents? The G-8? The UN? The UNICEF? The WHO? The UK? The EU? The Arab League? The GCC council?

A single person in one country feels that bad because their country - in their eyes - isn't doing enough for the sake of another Arab country having it's dignity torn apart by killing innocent civilians, terrorizing citizens and demolizing a country's infrastructure worth over 4 billion US Dollars of which it owes debt over 83 billion US Dollars.

Arab countries aren't mobilizing their units against 'Israel' because they are mere puppets grasped within the US political system hands of which is controlled by the Jewish Lobby within the congress. Such an example would be the decision that France tried to push into the UN security council that got almost every country's 'yay' vote and vetoed by the US.

I say bravo to HezboAllah.

They are the only ones who are brave enough to restore our faith in this matter.

This post was published on Secret Arabian on July, 15, 2006.