Friday, July 28, 2006

clothes don't make the man... or nationality

Ever since I was young I was always asked why I never wear the national Omani dress since I am an Omani. My answer was back then and 'til now is and was; personal freedom.

If the clothes of an individual were to determine the nationality of a person then that would be the most superficial look a society or community at large could give an individual. Because I could be an Omani but I wear western clothing outside of the country and people would give no attention to who I am or what nationality I have.

Then howcome when I am in my own country, I am chastized because the misunderstanding of a large of 'educated' people?

This would go to prove one thing and one thing only: that the Omani society in whole, judges by looking at the surface and doesn't allow the chance to go in deeper. This is perhaps they fear change that would loom over the community one day. If that day would come, the last thing they should ever be concerned about is what people wear (considering that it would be decent enough to go out with).


Kay said...

so you don’t wear the dishdasha at all? i'm totally with you on it being a personal choice and your freedom to wear what you want as long as its decent.

But when you say never, do u really mean never? like for example 3aza( funerals), or milka (wedding, aqad qaran in the mosque), mosque, or going to government offices etc

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I have very rarely attended a funeral and never gone to a wedding in my life (apart from my family's) and to answer your answer, yes - almost never worn a dishdasha except now when i go to work ...which i hate going to in an Omani dress...I am just not accustomed to it..

i feel much more free with western clothing.

PizzaQueen said...

funny how now that i decided to cover but still keep my colored Arabic long dress, everybody thinking am Sirian or Egyptian
They never ask if am Muslim, just wonder by the dress, which Arab country am from
Culture comes before religion always

Sleepless In Muscat said...


'culture comes before religion always' - that should never be the case.

Religion is the pillar that holds everything in place. I would ask those who look at you to look more deeper into WHY you are wearing a head cover, so that they would know what religion you are from..