Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Seemingly enough, people these days are afraid of saying the truth because they think that they would get in trouble if they did. It doesn't exactly mean that you show up one day in the face of your boss and say exactly what you feel like and walk away as if nothing had happened. It doesn't work like that.

There is a degree of politeness and etiquitte that withers in this whole substance. And thus, must be followed up. You may be pulled into a web of giving someone a piece of your mind because they hurt your feelings but then again what would you have gained? You would have stooped yourself to their level because you allowed their arrogant behavior to get the best of you.

Unfortunately, some hot headed people are just like that.

There is the neccisity to go through self-anger-management. Where one can self control their anger in many different ways such as - but not limited to - counting to a number until you cool down; ignoring the situation totally and focussing on what requires your concentration and other useful methods.

There are however organizations within Oman which employ a number of foriegnors and locals that have state that their human resource manpower has no trouble going along with the flow while it is still the contrary with an establishment that holds more locals than foriegnors with disputes and such.

Why is that?

Some people say because there is no common ground for understanding. Others argue that it is a lack of a good communication process that lies within the very fabrics of that organization. In the end, it all depends on the various differences between each and every organization.


3anooda said...

it surprises me the amount of thoughts going through ur head. every day u come up with a new and very interesting topic while it requires me to do quite a bit of thinking.

anyways with regards to the topic, i have always been known as hot headed and relatively emotional. the kind of person that bursts out crying when put in a frustrating situation. amazingly enough I have never lost my cool in the whole five years that I have been working. im impressed with myself.

on the other hand, i would love to take one of those political correctnes in speech courses. i tend to miss out the most importnat and convincing points when in an argument. but if i do it in an email (written) i almost always manage to win my argument calmly and rationaly no matter how pissed off i am.

i wonder why??

(sorry its such a long comment)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

first of all, thank you for compliment.

secondly, you're trying to say you never had a bad moment for once in your line of work?