Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the foiled Omani telecommunication industry

Things are getting a bit turbulent in the telecommunications sector here in Oman, things like how well the service is becoming and how bad each competitor needs a good section of the pie. And this time it's not just about one of the companies in the leading branded mobile technology. But it's more of how well the two of them (Nawras; Oman Mobile) are both handling their customer share and the services they provide them with.

Oman Mobile has always had it's issues ever since I can remember, things like service, accuracy, compensation for lost service, try outs, and most of all prices were always hideous (at least in my opinion). Nawras sort of cleared up the picture through its clarification of service list against price, better customer service but are still lacking - as Muscati would say - the innovative edge to lure the present mobile customer from one network to another.

And no time like the present has been more clearer than now through this philosophy. As the troubles have started to begin with the Nawras networkd during the last Eid holiday (which is still an issue to be resolved, mind you) because almost all your calls are disconnected because the network is always busy. A new service that has been launched by the mobile telecommunications company similar that of to the one by Oman Mobile to have a caller ring tone and even though it is a bit cheaper by the minute through instruction time, the lack of options, the mere boredom of having to listen to an automated voice repeating itself all over again and again plus the issue of having to pay for something that has only been launched through an SMS service is somewhat disgraceful for a company that boasts about being the number one customer-orientated company in this form of technology in my opinion.

So if you're asking me if I still like Nawras as my mobile telecommunications provider; I would say no. But if you asked me if I would like to come back to the previous mobile company; my answer would be a 'Hell, no'.

This was an opinionated post.


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Im currently undertaking a research study- on Oman's Telecommunication network. It is proving difficult to find extensive reserach. Do you have any links to published reserach, about the idustry/economy. If you would like to get in touch with me my email is, I really enjoy reading your writing, look forwrd to hearing from you, hannah x