Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prince of Persia 4 coming 2008

Finally, we have some concrete evidence to now that there indeed has been a behind-the-back development on the famous all time game series that this generation (and the past) had ever come to see.

Ubisoft can deny all they like, but we have them red-handed right now after they had managed to keep a lid on the subject for oh so long. But folks we have proof that a new Prince of Persia game is all set to have it's launch around late 2008 with a title that could surround the vibe of what was previously posted on this blog as being 'Ghosts of the Past' to be set as a prequel to the older Prince of Persia: Sands of Time/Warrior Within/The Two Thrones series.

What's more you can find two screens from an early build for the game with Surfer Girl reporting that

'...stylistically and gameplay-wise, the game has abandoned the dark edginess of the last two titles in favor a fantastical cross between The Sands of Time, Ico and Zelda.'
With work also on the way to have the second part of the said new trilogy by 2009 in time for the Prince of Persia movie release set by action premiere Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney studios.



- Surfer Girl: Exclusive - Prince of Persia 4 Screens and Information

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Niloo said...

i'm pretty sure this isn't from prince of persia 4 ... it looks NOTHING like any of the prince of persia games or anything ubisoft would make ... it looks like some messed up anime zelda game or something ... and not even for the new gen devices ... the graphics could be a gamecube AT BEST so don't get ur hopes up 2 much ...