Friday, October 19, 2007

the story so far..

Right, so here's a size-able recap on what's new with the new blogs that entered into the collective blogosphere rat race.

First off, there's a new post about the Nokia 8GB N81 on the Gadget Garage, which is one very nifty device if you ask me, something I might consider buying if it does go under the $200 US Dollar mark.

Then there's there are four new posts about different movies such as The Comebacks; Darfur Now; the Fred Claus; and finally Talk To Me on the Movie Guide blog.

If you're a fan of Eric Clapton, then you'll find his latest album - Complete Clapton - slightly reviewed on Music Control, Inc.

Of course there's been little or no progress in Pens of Passion or the Photo Generation blogs mainly because people are still unacquainted with them and/or still are in the Eid holiday moods. So feel free to browse them and if you care to join them, you can always email me about it.

The Ramadan Kareem blog has been put on hold until next year by