Saturday, October 20, 2007

Horizon newsletter: Success Comes From Defeat

Finally, I have been able to update my article portfolio with a new one for the Horizon newsletter at the Sultan Qaboos University with a powerful article (at least, I think it is) under the title 'Success Comes From Defeat'.

I enlist it here for your reading pleasure, feel free to drop any comments about it.


A short-spend of time is a time well spent; a sentence that occurs in times of peril, difficulties, and much less ease in the small life of an individual on Earth. Something we so foolishly lack in the face of our desires and needs and forget the very reason as to why we should ever be here.

A sense of purpose, the life that we truly deserve to live by and aim for, as well on the path of seeking a soulful redemption of the mind, body and soul.

Why is it that we live to regret every single day of our lives when we could do entirely the opposite and face our fears, overcome the challenges and at the end of the day, have an undeniable sense of satisfaction that we have done what we had to do and so much more to acquire such a small goal in small period of time?

Why is it that we live with the fear that we should never push beyond the limits that we only bind ourselves by? How would we ever know how we can achieve anything if we cannot attempt? After all, success is another way of overcoming defeat; and almost nobody succeeds from the very first time.

To alter our way of thinking and the way we react to present and future events in our lives, we must be willing to change ourselves; even by drastic measures. That is not to say that we preach and bestow upon ourselves the grace that is an undeniable feature of self-perfection. But to start through ourselves by carrying out the very negativities that we hold within ourselves to inspire others to look at us as role models worthy of being followed in the footsteps of regaining the once lost confidence.

A feature that is no doubt difficult – yet, never impossible.