Friday, October 05, 2007

should we sue Muscat Municipality?

Everyone in the Sultanate of Oman, especially in the modern capital of Muscat is more than aware of the development projects that are happening around in and out of the capital. But this post is focusing on one of them in the Qurum 29 area. The one where there are just about 20 Earth-breakers breaking down a mountain behind a moderately-high populated area.

Why is this is so important?

For one, it has been more than 'just a few months' and all you can ever hear in that area is the ground-breaking noise that goes on for the entire 24 hours restlessly, hardly breaking for a few dawn hours to rest before they resume at around 6am all over again. Causing the entire neighborhood to shatter below their noise just to 'get their work done'.

Secondly, the dust that accumulates. Now, imagine the workers with their masks and how they are suffering by being in direct contact with such pollution, never the mind that this dust blows also into the air and moves on to the villas that are below the mountain level causing dusting of the private property, automobiles, and probably making it an unsafe environment for the children to play in the closeness that their own back yards provide.

Thirdly - and more importantly - the matter of creepy crawlies. Last night I found a scorpion inside my bedroom of which I had to kill to provide myself the safety that I can live through the night without having to dream of where that simple, yet, very deadly creature could cause from a single sting of it's tail.

You don't find scorpions inside houses. In fact, you never find them inside houses; according to an environmentalist expert - my father. So then, why was this one here?


Due to the breaking down of the mountain area above the houses, all matter of creepy crawlies have had to seek refuge someplace else, therefore, endangering lives of citizens that have little or no knowledge whatsoever over how to deal with them, should they get infected.

So, then, it is without a doubt that Muscat Municipality's workers are causing all these problems. But what is one to do about it? A letter was written to one of the local newspapers in an attempt to highlight the issue. By that time there was only 4-5 pieces of machinery. After the article got published, not two days later was the arrival of the humongous cavalry of machines to 'speed up' things.

So, the question sets itself again: what should we do?


muscati said...

Isn't that part of the southern expressway project?

Is it the municipality that's cutting the mountain or a contractor?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


no, it's a different project that parallels with the southern expressway.

And the contractor cannot cannot work on such an area in Muscat with having an authority to allow them, therefore, the ultimate organization to be blamed here would be Muscat Municipality.