Monday, October 29, 2007

proposal - Horizon newsletter: the bigger picture

This is the article I have pushed forth to be published in the upcoming edition of the SQU Horizon newsletter of this month, dated October 30, 2007.

Although it more or less talks about the same subject, I am hoping it would help open up the student eyes to future responsibilities to bared.

Do let me know what you think about it.



The Bigger Picture

History in the making is what they called it.

A change in the path that the democratic solution for a developing country such as the Sultanate of Oman that would ever take place.

It was a day whereby both men and women over the age of 21 took in the responsibility to say that they are proud – as ever – to be an Omani. To hold their heads high with confidence to show the entire world that they are eligible of the responsibility and the educational level to take a decision into casting their votes for the first ever overall Shura Council elections to be held in the country.

It opened up the opportunity for people to actually sink in the idea of taking participation in the decision making process on an overall. For this not only meant that this was a beginning to opening up further future doors to allowing the simple Omani to take participation in electing the rightful candidate and what goes beyond such a decision. But, it also meant that one day – when the time is right – the Omani population will also come to understand the responsibilities and burdens that rest on their shoulder in making the right decision.

It was a day where Omanis – men and women, alike – took to the voting centres with one thing in mind, to make sure they made the right decision and of true understanding that their decision, by result, would make an impact on future generations to come. Whereby they would take the reins themselves to make a similar decision and most probably, more important.

But, for now – this is just the beginning.