Saturday, April 12, 2008

accepting things as they happen..

In the past, I have been resistant to fate's crashes and sub-crashes of life's systems from illness, studies and work running me into the stone wall of the depression phase.

Now, there's a new me that's looking to pop out.

The one that takes every disadvantage possible and turn it into an advantage. One where there's no agony or pain less than that of suffering and disease. The child-like adventures are over and it's time to get serious since time is running out on our beloved youth in realization of the fact that we're not getting any younger any time soon.

Smiling when it most hurts.

Gripping onto faith in the utmost darkest corners of a lost and wondering soul.

Celebrating the success and defeat - each in their own way by trust one's self in success and applying confidence to one's morality while learning from the mistakes that one makes on this long journey we call life so that we may not repeat them again in the near and far future.

There is a chance that we could make it to the other side all in one piece. But the question that arises is this: which path would we choose: good or evil?