Tuesday, April 22, 2008

redundant minds

I don't expect anyone to ever understand me or what I am going through in this phase of time. After all, we're all different from each other and if ever someone comes up to me and says that 'opposites attract', they're sure to get a piece of my mind because it isn't always true. Therefore a generalization isn't the answer.


At times, I feel confident and content that I take on any given task with no problems whatsoever. But lately, there is another feeling that seems to surface from time to time which is being alone. Sad story fast forward, it just doesn't pay anymore to make any friends if your old friends don't want to stay in touch with you just because they got married or have their own agenda in some other part of the planet.

God created man and woman. He also created reason and rationale. Meaning which that when He created man and woman, He had created a reason for which they would find each other attractive whether it was love, lust or just a likeness to the other sex. But what my mind fails to understand is that out of 6 billion people on this Earth, you get to choose the one that doesn't want you at all and your heart aches from within knowing you will never get her to fall in love with you.

Yes. I do know that I've skewed off the main topic. But, bare with me just a little bit more, please.

We all grow up from our selfless habits from when we were children to becoming teens and now reach this moment: young adult-hood. Memories stick with us to help us remember what it was like back in those days. We keep our experiences to ourselves to use to overcome future knowledge. But when you get to a moment that you are frozen in - what do you do?

The main reason for this topic is that I have a basket of mixed emotions within me and I don't know what to make of it. The harder you try to get out of it the harder it becomes on you. Its like you're trying to get the machine working but its frozen solid.

I wish I knew what to do..