Tuesday, April 08, 2008

everybody says die...

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect in my third poetry book.

Hope you all like it.


We got orphans living in the streets
We got no food or water to drink
We got bust for not being able to think
And now everybody says die

The atmosphere is giving up on us
The child within begins to curse
All the fools stopped looking for love because of lust
And now everybody says die

Everybody says die
We living a low life
We choose to deny
What dignity we stand to gain but complicate our simple lives

Everybody says die
Because of the life we have to live
Of all the chores we should go on and give
Everybody says die because they just want to give up than cry

Look at the clouds above our heads
Look at the tears we cry in the dust
Look at the children who stopped smiling because of lost trust
And everybody says die

The UN says forgive
Nations just want to have war than to stand and live
Changes in attitude go on but do we ever learn?
The choices we makes are consequences earned
And everybody says die

There is a life we have to earn
A choice of whether to grow or burn
Better than mountains that crumble and turn
But will we ever learn?
And everybody says die

Everybody says die

Everybody says die

Everybody says die