Tuesday, April 15, 2008

second chances..

Its amazing how the mind works. The most simplistic behavioral patterns is often how we judge people when we see them do the things that they do. But to what end do you see the actual truth? You would fathom on the possibilities and the whens and whys of what was the intent of such a person behind a specific action. Others will amuse you in claiming that they have the supernatural sense of reading thoughts. Then again, there are those who are born naturally gifted with a sense to 'feel' out the rythems and signs of bodily language in an attempt to better understand the individual that they are in host of.

But truth to be told, we are not Gods. We are not supermen and women who are out to accomplish a set objective to a mission. We are merely human beings trying to better understand the true nature behind such discrepencies.

While in my youth, I had a become a regular Pinnochio with the never ending 'why?' on my tongue. Why does the world turn around? Why do people do the stupid akward things that they do to make another person feel special? Why are we still standing on this Earth when it itself is turning around itself at an enormous speed?

Some answers I gathered.

Some - however - I did not.

You could say that you can call them 'growing pains'. Tempremants of a youth in a desire to learn more, but in his own way. With a drive to push forward and have the fun of his life.

But time leaves no one alone.

Over a period of time, there was joy and pain. There was laughter and vain. There was the loss of friends, loved ones, and those whom you could say you would not have lived without. Yet, alas, all was gone. The point of no return had been passed and it just was - no going back.

Regrets at this point matter not. Nor do memories do you any good. But the focus on the present and firm hands on the steering wheel of the future is where it all lies now.

Do you believe in second chances?