Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bucket List

To be quite honest, I didn't fancy going to this movie mainly because of two reasons: one of which was the title was kind of boring; and secondly, the actors weren't exactly my favorites (i.e.: Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson). I only went because of the company.

As it turns out, the movie was excellent, if you like drama with a sniff of wit along with it, that is.

The story is there's these to men on their way to big dust-room in the sky, and they meet each other at the hospital room they both share with each other. After completion of medicinal help and knowing the ultimate outcome of their fates they decide to put together a bucket list - a list of all the things that they would like to accomplish before they are greeted by the Egyptian Heaven Guard.

The movie takes you on a journey with these men, showing you their humane side and their quirks along with the non-judgmental eye on faith, religion, and most of all - trust.

This movie is currently showing at Al Shatti Plaza.

Believe me, you wouldn't want to miss this movie.