Friday, November 16, 2007

apologies about book signing session

This post was supposed to come online two days before the book signing session.

So, I apologize ever so heartedly for any inconvience caused.

I got hit by some unknown virus which semi-crippled my movement for two whole days and ended up staying at home the entire period until the end of today (Thursday). Thus, canceling my book signing session (as you may well know now).

I am truly sorry that I did not post about this earlier but I just didn't come on the net at all except to send an email to the organizer of the event telling them about canceling my participation.

On the positive side, though, I was informed that there will be indeed a March 2008 session of the very same - maybe different activities - book signing session. So, I ask that I be put down for it.

I look forward towards that day..