Monday, November 05, 2007

"Oh My Stars!"

"Polly want a [censored] cracker?"

We're all brought up a certain way by our folks, and to say that we were brought up wrongly, would be, well – just, wrong. It is the environment that that influences this bringing up on our peers, and our sociable circle and thus, us.

The two types of environment that I talk about are the direct influence group (that directly influences our behavioral change through a certain time period) and the indirect influences (which influence through a certain means or group of individuals).

But where does the act of conversation fall into? Both, I would assume, because of strong influence both groups have on a certain talk module such as word of mouth, direct individual and group relationships and external changes imposed in an direct and an indirect way on both these groups.

However, talk conversations politeness have started going from the easy-going 'Oh my Lord!' to 'Oh, [censored]!' It has become widely common to use street swear slang in normal conversations as it is to wear a sleeveless and shorts in public by both genders.

What's more worse is that we have become more tolerant to the entrance to other street swear terminologies that we have come to not object on them by the excuse of 'being cool'; or 'taking in the trend'; or even 'grasping modern day art'.

Let's face it – the art of conversation is dying taking our very own traditional linguistic high values along with it.


Aj said...

I guess it really is sad to see how every generation tolerates such manners and consider it to be a norm rather than rudeness.
It scares me when i see 6 year old swearing unaware that it just slipped out of his tongue.
our environment plays a big role in this but you really cant stop children from socializing or going to school and most of the times it comes from home.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


no you can't, of course. But you can control how they behave around you by telling them off by giving them that look.

moviemania said...

In my opinion I think it's ok if people of a certain age group swear while the talk. It's just part of the way things are these days sadly.

However it is not ok for really children to swear among themselves. It's just wrong. After a certain age, it's up to you. But if you are younger than 13, it's something serious.

SIM, a lot of young children just scoff at you if you give them a look. If you say anything to the school that I went to (kids=children under 10) they're just going to be rude to you and probably even say something like 'what the **** is your problem?'

It's really out of hand these days.

moviemania said...

sorry, *to the kids in the school I went to.