Monday, November 26, 2007

proposed - matters of consideration

Below is the proposed article that I am sending to the for publishing.

I haven't been able to write much on the blog because I am so busy with College and other personal matters. I hope you all can understand.

Let me know what you think of this article, though..


Matters of Consideration

Take into account what is going on around the world of late. Look at what is rapidly happening throughout our world. Lifestyles have been changed, cultures diminished, and environments brought down to rubble over man's one desire of greed.

The one choice that we, as a younger generation have always thought of when we are children is what we'd like to do with the world when we grow up. Ironically, world peace seems to be the answer that most children answer back and plausibly so.

But is that behavior a reflection of the world that we are living in nowadays? Perhaps. But it is also a matter of perspective. For if one is to look always at the gloomy side of things then they will no sooner be depressed and sad themselves.

The matter at hand is the fact that we are indeed at a crossroad of decisions that need to be made, effectively and efficiently. A decision that would take into hand all matters those revolve around us. Such as the changing environment and scenery in Oman and how rapid the changes are taking place in terms of what effects they may have on us in the short and long term periods of time. A daily ritual that we have to go through everyday no matter where we are living because of the sudden rise in awareness of development in the country.

Population attitude is yet another thing amongst the issues that need to be looked at, with drivers on roads becoming more and more dangerous by ignoring signs and radars that are put on the highways and heavy vehicles overtaking each other in high speeds putting other cars and pedestrians on the road to danger is something that not only needs to be looked at but taken into very serious consideration.

While such matters are all only on a local basis, it is the belief that one should rectify one's own mistakes in order to start pointing out the mistakes and weaknesses of others around them to gain momentum and prompt a forward movement in ratifying the overall situation.


chiarina said...

"what effects they may have on us in the short and long term periods of time"... as you say develpment of the country is very important, in the same time this should not let you forget your history, your traditions, your Built and Natural one word your Identity. This is the role of young Omanis, who are approaching this future and this fast growt: with all the shure benefits these changes may have, they should keep a critical eye and never forget the lessons from the history. The first step is being aware of this.. It's a great and uneasy challenge.. but i trust in this generation! And you, S.I.M., are a good example for this...

Sleepless In Muscat said...

I believe so, too, Chiarina. But if the others will only look into the fog and clear out the mist that dims their eyesight from the truth.

Maybe one day that will one happen - I just hope it will not be too late.

kaya said...

i worked for the Times of Oman like a lifetime ago....and their sister concern NPA.