Tuesday, November 27, 2007

last article (proposed): SQU Horizon Newsletter - A Graduate's Burden

Below is the last article that I will be submitting to the Sultan Qaboos University's Horizon Newsletter. The reason is that they have terminated my services due to the return of their ex-English Language writer on a permanent basis.

Oh, well..

Nothing good lasts forever.

But, hopefully, there will be other opportunities in the future to come, inshallah.


A Graduate's Burden

On December the 1st and the 8th of this year, the Sultan Qaboos University will have a ceremony of graduation. It is always hard in the beginning to start a long journey, knowing the uncertainties at hand, knowing that path is hard and never easy to follow on. In fact, there are some individuals who may fall apart along the way giving in to a different variable of reasons. But it is those that stick to the goals that they target who will always succeed, and succeed they shall prompting the inevitable stage of graduation to come and give them their hard earned rewards.

Those are the days that would start to define the type of men and women the graduates turn out to be in real life throughout their careers, and their practical lifestyles.

A series of developments will await these fine young men and women of our proud nation, a natural course that would always take them through the ups and downs of their lives; choices will be made, decisions taken and ultimately they will bare the fruits of their decision making whether they turn out to be good or bad.

This graduation ceremony will mark a step into the real world where no longer is anything of free service but anything they require will ask of them that extra mile to earn what they want.

No matter what field the graduate comes from, there will be a need to nurture the desire to become better at what has been accomplished so far. This need must be addressed through their work and career when and if they should get a job later on in life. They will need to push further and stronger to prove that they are worthy of such a position, not only amongst their fellow graduate colleagues but also amongst their peers, their co-workers, and at their jobs.

The Sultan Qaboos University has a reputation of giving birth to some of the very best graduates in the Sultanate of Oman, and it is the responsibility of future graduates to maintain that image and to also raise the bar higher in terms of respect towards this fine higher education institution.

A responsibility that is not easy to bare. But, if maintained then it would help in matters of future progress towards the generations to come.


kaya said...

*Stands up and applauds*

Bugger them, there will be more for you to do soon.