Saturday, November 03, 2007

small step for the Omani population - one giant leap for the detoriating environment

It's about time, that's what I can say.

Muscat Municipality has finally dug it's own head out of it's own trenches and looked beyond the matter of profit, and sheer dirt that is lying around it's own neighborhood by launching a small, yet, expandable, project about recycling paper waste in the educational system - starting with a number of schools.

According to the Oman Tribune:

As per the project, school books, notebooks and paper used in different student activities will be recycled. The project, in association with the Ministry of Education and the Omani Environment Association, will be first implemented in six schools in Muscat, in the wilayats of Seeb and Bausher.

Hopefully, in due time, they will expand this project to all the Sultanate of Oman and spread it not only just the educational system but on the public as well as other matters of recyclable content.



- Oman Tribune: Paper recycling project launched


muscati said...

To give credit where credit is due, this Muscat Municipality project is a parallel project to one that ESO is undertaking. ESO's project was launched earlier this month and was also covered in the Oman Tribune. I guess you didn't see it, so I'm repeating it here for your info (after all you are always asking what it is that ESO is doing):

ESO to launch recycling project tomorrow
By A Staff Reporter

MUSCAT The Environment Society of Oman will launch the first phase of public recycling projects in Oman on Oct. 27.

Fifteen international and private schools, will participate in the first phase of the project targeting 17,000 children, their parents and communities. They will participate in a paper recycling project. Six Muscat Municipality schools will also participate in a paper recycling project.

A pilot can-recycling project will kick off at the American British Academy School, while a pilot plastic-bottle recycling project will kick off at the British School Muscat. Sponsors for these projects are: Oman Tourism Development Company, who are providing financial support to the international and private schools project, to purchase the collection containers, as well as providing support to publicity and operational costs; Muscat Municipality, who are providing financial support to the Municipality schools; Muttrah Cold Stores, who are providing financial and logistical support to the plastic bottle project; Al Sawari Trading Ent. (Aste), who will be providing an incentive scheme to the private/international schools to maximise their recycling volumes.

The projects also have the support of the following companies: Amiantit Oman Co, constructor and provider of the collection containers, Al Sawari Trading Ent. LLC (Aste), who is collecting the materials for recycling.

The ESO will be working with other private and international schools, as well as Muscat Municipality to prepare a second wave of schools, starting during the year end. The role of the Environment Society in these recycling projects has been to: Assist organisations in identifying potential projects, help them to prepare an action plan, bring together enough organisations to create a critical mass, locate companies and other organisations prepared to assist and sponsor the projects.

The Environment Society Recycling Project has four main areas of activity: Bringing companies and organisations together to promote ‘business-to-business’ recycling opportunities, promotion of public recycling initiatives, promotion of social recycling initiatives, creation of initiatives to promote wider environmentally-sustainable behaviour.

“We hope that this publicity around recycling and the wider issue of adoption of environmentally sustainable behaviour, will induce other organisations (be they educational, companies, social communities, or government) to contact us with a view to setting up their own projects,” said Graham Degens, Environment Society of Oman Recycling Project Coordinator.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Thanks, Muscati. I never saw that because - if as you say - it came out a month ago then I was still under my conditions to which you can only guess.

But it sounds like great work being done on part of the ESO, Muscat Municipality, and the other private organization in raising the awareness amongst individuals who have no knowledge about such projects being pushed through the entire world.

PS: if you have the link to this article, could you either email it to me or post it here? Thank you.