Monday, September 03, 2007

finally! someone takes a stand!

From the Gulf News:

Abu Dhabi: The Western Medical Zone welcomed the decision of Al Dhafra Cooperative Society to stop selling all kinds of tobacco in all its branches in the region.

Salem Eisa Al Mazroui, director of Western Medical Zone, said: "The decision has positive effects on the health of the people in western region whether they are smokers or non-smokers."

Lots of posters were prepared by the medical zone to illustrate the negative effects of smoking.

Al Mazroui asked other stores to take example from Al Dhafra Society.

He appreciated the idea of distributing awareness posters in the same places that sold tobacco. Al Mazroui emphasised that all stores must apply the municipality decision to ban sale of all kinds of tobacco to people aged less than 18.

I say it took guts to pull off a decision like that and I applaud it as one of the non-smokers that is often abused by the smoker's tendency to smoke where-ever they please and unlike how Muscat Municipality has gone about it's own decision - which is yet to be seen - this proves that there are those who have a stronghold for building up healthy lives despite the consequences it may lead to health-wise and economically.

I applaud this decision very loudly and look forward to a similar decision from our retail industry here in the Sultanate of Oman very soon, hopefully.



- Society's decision to stop tobacco sales draws praise