Monday, September 24, 2007

Horizon newsletter: inspirative society

The new article in the Horizon newsletter has been published some 4 days ago under the title 'Inspirative Society'.

Hope you all like it - share your thoughts and comments if any.


Inspirative Society

It is known that education is an important and integral part of the developing mind in order to come to a certain level that would push forth the creative and practical purpose of mankind to rise up the sophistication of human kind the world over in certain period of time.

However, every person – due their societal, environmental, and behavioral differences – perceive the level education in their own way. Some may think that studying a major that is irrelevant to their environment is waste of time, effort and money. Others like to see it as an extra benefit to them and their society. It is perception that holds us back or pushes us forth into accepting or rejecting the true purpose of a subject – whether we, as individuals, like it or not.

The true purpose of education, therefore, lies within the secret that it is a reform of the individual mind. Correcting and perhaps building upon existing data that we had already learnt in past years.

Education is also a tool of empowerment; not just towards seeking employment at a company or a governmental ministry, but also towards building a new generation with new, creative ideas on how to solve problems, reverse faults and after effects and help the current community grasp and endure what it is lagging behind.

In short, education can be seen as a tool towards building an inspirative society. One that would inspire other future generations to build upon the mechanism of a fundamentally strong society with sustainable growth and development.