Thursday, September 13, 2007

on the other hand..

Nawras is celebrating Ramadhan this year with a few good tricks up it's sleeve.

In addition to the annual 'Nawras Goodwill Journey - 3' that promotes giving back to the society as part of being of one being a responsible telecommunications organization; Nawras has also unleashed a few offers to public and made other subscribers green with envy by offering 10 baizas/per minute for any call made any day of the week between 2-5pm between any two Nawras subscribers (offer found here).

Then there's the new acquisition of value-added services that allows Nawras subscribers to dedicate a song, or a funny voice message, or a text message or even chat through SMS through the new NawrasChat service at the nominal charge of 10bzs/per text. Along with with availability of the traditional, yet exciting services that Nawras has to offer such as downloading themes, games, ringtones, wallpapers and video cards (offer found here).

This year; Nawras really does bring the true meaning of it's slogan - Get Closer.


muscati said...

Brilliant move by Nawras to make an offer that's valid only between 2pm and 5pm, the time that Omanis come from work and either veg out in front of the tv or sleep till iftar time. They don't make much of a revenue during those hours any way, so they might as well bring the price down to next to nothing.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nawras might have wanted to even make it free to talk in those hours but the TRA didn't let them.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Coming from someone who has always battered the telecomunnication industry for as long as I have known and is almost always never satisfied withe anything I can't say that I am surprised to be hearing that from you.

But, thanks anyhow.