Tuesday, September 25, 2007

two new blogs

This is just to let you know that I have established two new blogs, one of which is my answer to the ridicule that happened over at a blog that I had established and, thus is called; Pens of Passion. A blog totally dedicated to writing about anything and everything in whichever manner seems readable and raises attention whether it is personal or political, you name it.

The other blog is one that aims to offer a complete guide of what movies there are to offer from anywhere in the globe - hopefully - not lacking the synopsis and where you can get the movie from whether online or outside the Sultanate of Oman, including those of movie theatre releases; olden goldies and the best of the best. This blog is under the name of Movie Guide - Oman.

Both blogs are now still under construction and therefore access to them has been denied to the general public. Hopefully, this would change after the Eid holidays.


Meticulousness said...

Good to see you back with two more blogs, but how does the Movie Guide differ from Yahoo Movies for example? What’s there to add?

I’m currently working on two blogs myself, one is meant for World Wide Photographers and the other is intended for High Definition TV Shows.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

It differs in just bringing in information about movies that are still in the pre-production stage. It doesn't link to torrent due illegality issues that I would rather get into.

Meticulousness said...

Then I do understand that you're running a blog similar to Upcoming Movies.

By the way, my site is purely informative. The .torrent files you download from the links on TMT are nothing more than meta data and checksums. The data that you receive from downloading a .torrent file is found in the individuals computer and not on TMT. The blog does not host any torrents but rather links to them. I only inform on new releases.

You wouldn’t close down a news channel because they informed on murders, robbery’s etc would you?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


1- I have never been across that website in my life. Now that I have, I will add it to the list of links on the Movie Guide.

2- If your site is informative, then howcome it links to websites whereby you can download the movies illegally? I don't judge anyone here and what you do with your blog is your business, but don't start something that is endless and pointless, please.

Meticulousness said...

And you never been to Mininova (a torrent site) to watch Rush Hour 3? Funny how you sway a point.

Since when linking to a torrent site was illegal? People own their free will, whether they click on a link or not, that’s a choice. If what I'm doing was illegal at any rate, then Google Ads would have been blocked from the site itself. If Google opposes distribution of copyrighted materials then how come they're showing results (links) for torrents in their search engine?

I rest my case since you have nothing more to add..

Sleepless In Muscat said...


There's a difference when you're downloading for your own pleasure and making it available in links. But I agree both are illegal.

Google Ads are not breaking any federal laws of the ACAA and the UAM - Uniter Artsts Media group in any way. So I don't see how you could ever relate this case to them.

You're offering a product on your blogs. Namely, more than just 'information'. You're giving them the actual product and allowing them to increase the effect it has on global media giants and artists and actors alike.

Say if it was your product; and you paid generous sums of money to market it and make money off of it and someone just like you offered it for free on the net - would you not get pissed off?

Like I said, I don't judge people; and your blogs are your own business.

That's the end of this discussion as far I see it, thank you very much.

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