Wednesday, September 26, 2007

'where's that new post?'

It's not much you get asked about howcome you're never around to do your job unless you're actually dodging it, which, in my case, is not what is happening - obviously.

I never had the time to do anything I wanted because I had just come out of hospital so I just took a cruise with an old friend of mine for a little time, then came back and published the post you see below this one and went to sleep.

I was knackered as Hell, I couldn't breathe well because of pulputations, and I sweating like nobody's business for some reason (apart from the fact that it was hot when I did go out). But I was determined on getting my things done and never ending up again in the hospital - not even for a simple cold.

Three weeks out of your life all messed up is just too much to compensate and I am not planning to ever make that same mistake again.