Sunday, September 02, 2007

removal from Oman Community Blog

Having come to a dead end in my opinion against the members and contributors of the Oman Community Blog; I have decided therefore to resign from my post over there as an acting administrator but that was not before appoint Muscati & Amjad in my place to rule the blog until they deem appropriate to appoint someone else who they think that is in a better position than I in such circumstances.

I have no regrets on this move whatsoever.

And I still stand by what I believe despite all the negative impact it has resulted in from the members.

If you wish to be a member of the Oman Community Blog, then you will have to contact either Muscati or Amjad through this link.

Thanks very much for your time.


pyr said...

muscati is a much better candidate for the job

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Thank you for that reflection

Anonymous said...

the thing is blogging is obviously something you take very seriously

but not so much for others...incl mux & the other contributors

i guess that is what the previous post means

anyway you will always be known as the founder of ocb....

Sleepless In Muscat said...

thank you for that clarification, Anonymous.

But that won't change the outcome

Anonymous said...


I still think you should fix the problem rather than ignoring it and taking the easy option to just run away after a bit of critisism.

IE: Work with the community to establish a set of clear guidance what is and is not acceptable wrt OCB. Without such a basic framework of rules, there will always be issues of censorship, and essentially anarchy. As with any community, the rules as to what is acceptable behaviour should be established.

I think given your enthusiasm, you would be able to get this sorted and follow through on your good start and hard work. Even a dictator only rules with the acquiesence of the people and within the guidelines they will accept.

You should reconsider and make a calm decision, not an emotive one.

That's my advice anyhow.


muscati said...

SIM, you never came to a dead end with the contributors on OCB. There was no discussion. An issue arose. There was a confrontation without a discussion or an explanation. You chose to be melodramatic. You quit. There was no attempt from you to manage the conflict and bring it to an acceptable resolution.

I don't understand it. You started OCB. I am sure you are proud of that. But then you never posted on it. You kept on posting only on your blog. The only time you appeared on OCB was to either dish out new rules like trying to force all the contributors to post according to a minimum quota or else face being taken off the blog.

This current situation arose because you deleted someone's comments without saying it. If you had deleted his comments and added a comment of your own saying that "the comments have been deleted because...." we'd have at least known. But what happened is that they just disappeared without an explanation. The guy got banned from the blog without him being told. You should have sent him an email telling him. And the thing is, I find it hard to believe that he was spamming. This guy has been on OmanForum for years under a different nick and has his own well regarded blog. I was surprised when he emailed me asking if I know why his posts were all deleted from OCB. If I am not mistaken he posted asking for an explanation and you deleted that too. Is that what you considered spamming?

I honestly don't want the responsibility of being the admin of OCB. You just quit and threw that on me without asking.

Amjad said...

anonymous @ 5.56PM: The reason SIM didn't reply on the above comments is that he has been committed to hospital since 3 days now and might spend the next 4 or 5 days at hospital. It's not because he is ignoring them. I personally visited him today at hospital and to be honest his situation is not that good and he will need to stay at hospital for at least another 4 or 5 days, if not more. Instead, you could pray for him to get well soon.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

the last two anonymous comments have been deleted. and from now on, no anonymous comments are allowed on Sleepless In Muscat ever again.

serves you all right for taking advantage of the situation while i was away and sick.


As for Muscati: I said my piece on the OCB and that was that. You can call whatever. But I wasn't the cry baby who always cried out I'm leaving the blog just because I came up with a rule to make it look more professional. Seems to me you have all won, you have the blog to yourself. So do with it what you want.

I wash my hands of you.