Sunday, September 02, 2007

slowing down the pace

In the past, I had been regarded as the blogger with the most posts than any other Omani blogger. Not a title I was after, never the less. Now, since I have been in, out, in and out again of hospital, along with Ramadhan coming up and my exams all during that month and Eid I am hardly finding anytime to come online to post anything on any of the blogs.

I had earlier arranged to open up a few blogs that would talk about Ramadhan, music and possibly just a writer's blog for their perspectives on anything in the world around them which is a different idea altogether than the Oman Community Blog.

Those ideas are all being put to hold for the time being until such a time arises to which I would be able to address those issues, topics and blogs in a more focused manner.

I am sorry, but I will also be slowing down the pace here on Sleepless In Muscat. So you might not always see an update here until that whole period has blown over.

I apologize for this inconvenience...