Monday, September 03, 2007

two new blogs

As you can see, I have been busy with quickly working on the new blogs that I promised I would deliver; the musical blog - Your Choice of Music & the Ramadhan blog - Ramadhan Spirit.

While the first is still in development, I have opened it up for public viewing and commenting to see what you all think of it and in terms of any suggestions you might have for it.

As for Ramadhan Spirit, I had just established the blog address, title and layout so it's still a working progress but I am looking forward to finishing very soon because I will be very busy very very soon.

You can check out the musical blog here - Your Choice of Music.

While Ramadhan Spirit is still closed up for development, so even if I gave you the link (which is already on the right hand side sidebar) you wouldn't be able to access it anyhow until I open it up for public viewing.

Enjoy your day ahead...


Solafa said...


Are you looking for contributors in the new Ramadhan Spirit Blog? or is it going to be your own work?

If you are taking any one aboard, then i wouldn't mind joining, i know i am not a rapid person into posting everyday but i always try my best to post as soon as i can.

please let me know, thank you.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Sure thing..

Solafa said...

Thanks SIM and Ramadhan Kareem.

I shall wait for your confirmation and any additional inputs!