Sunday, September 30, 2007

Horizon newsletter: Experiencing Ramadhan

This is the latest article that I had sent off to the Horizon newsletter for publication; I haven't had word if it has or hasn't. So, I'll just post it here for your enjoyment and reading pleasure until I do.

Let me know what you think of it..


Experiencing Ramadhan

To think that a month alone could change someone's behavior is somewhat naive in the sense that without taking the proper measures or procedures to actually grasp what such a month, such as Ramadhan can hold in terms of benefits for the human body, mind and soul.

For it holds the power to lift you up, only if you are willing to be lifted, there is no such thing as being elevated above the ground to be on 'road of glory' or any fictional path we may have conjured up in our heads.

Ramadhan is an experience that should be taken in with broad arms for an education that crosses vastly beyond modern information and what it has come to from the beginning of time to this very minute.

It is an experience that should be reached out to, no matter what obstacles stand in our way. For a soul and mind is entrapped in the body that needs to be nourished the right source of information and Ramadhan is a perfect timing for such a thing to happen.

Between now and then, Ramadhan has changed a lot in the society; it seems to have moved from the spiritual meaning of life and all its endeavors to the materialistic needs and wants of today's families.

Is it not time, we rekindle the affair we long always had with Ramadhan once again?