Friday, August 03, 2007


It's been said that there was a lost advanced civilization some 11,000 years ago. It existed - according to the Philosopher Plato - in between Africa and the Americas; somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, the name: Atlantis.

This civilization had everything going it's way, two harvests in a year, major trade and commerce between them and other different civilizations and all the fruits of nature.

Up until here this is where things get a bit interesting.

It's said that the Greek God of Gods - Zeus - had seen the immortality of the Atlantians and was discussing amongst the other Gods what sort of punishment to bestow upon them because they had started to worship a statue of Poseiden - God of the seas - in a specially built temple along with the manifestation of corruption and greed for more power in the ancient civilization.

Thus, punishing them by sinking their ancient continent into the sea forevermore.

Since I am a man who believes in Islam, I have an interesting theory about this that I would like to share with you here.

It is said that God - Allah Almighty - had sent a Prophet to an ancient civilization to return them to the path of faith and The One. They had everything they ever wanted that God ever gave to a civilization such as theirs. But they also carried out the filthiest of sins: men were in love with men and women were in love with women because neither wanted the other. God had told them that they are carrying out a sin that neither anyone of this world or the one that we cannot see of the Jin had ever committed, so how could they?

But still they carried on.

God told his Messenger that He would turn their land upside down had they not stopped carrying out the ill-manner of living.

But still no one answered him.

God did as He said He would. And the world has been invisible for ayons now.

It is in my opinion that this civilization that had angered God was that of Atlantis. How else would anyone explain of a civilization that existed on Earth but vanished in 1 day and 1 night? There is no other civilization known to man that has had the same punishment.

What do you all think?


Red Dragon said...

WOW,,, another person is interested in "Atlantis" cool,, I never heard such theory but I totally agree with you about the theory of the god turned their land upside down...

But do you think that Atlantis ppl had a civilization & knowledge that exceeds ours???

Sleepless In Muscat said...

yeah I believe they existed in the past. I also believe that they had a vast civilization way beyond the Pharos and ours too.

I think it was a test from God if they would adhere to His orders or not. That is what I believe.

Red Dragon said...


You know!!!
I believe that the earth had seven major civilizations during its florish!!!

The atlantis was the four Civilization to roam this earth. then the pharos came later and now us!!!

The power that each civilization had was the cause of it's dome, as you know, that the greater power that you have it might case of your down fall...