Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Royal Oman Police

Today was the day that I had my ID card renewed at the Royal Oman Police in Seeb.

To me, everything was being fare and just in all manners of dicipline and behavior - or maybe that is what I perceived. However, noticing the large numbers of non-Omanis around me at the renewal centre, I also noticed a few other things, too.

Most of the Indian nationals were being treated with hostility and were being shouted out by fellow Police officers behind the desks when they couldn't understand what it was was being communicated to them. They were run around in circles simply because they had to do extra paperwork considering the fact that they were foreigners.

To me, the Police system might be considered as a subsiadary of the milatery system but it still should treat people with respect since they are the first in line (in that specific centre and anywhere else possible) in touch with the people on the road, on the job and under the direct supervision of the public.

Being shouted at is not something nice, whether it was the person's fault or not. Question is, did these Policemen even bother asking themselves if they were communicating in the right way? Ill treatment in any other country is liable for prosecution that recognizes the citizen's rights to be respected at all times, even when under investigation or prosecution.

So what did these free people do to acquire such hostile behavior?


Twister said...

Perhaps u came across an isolated incident? I've has my residency card renewed twice....and both times the staff were quite courteous and polite...i guess sometimes it may happen that the staff has to handle a large number of people, and it doesnt help when applicants dont understand english properly...

Amjad said...

twister: I, too, am usually treated politely and with respect from ROP officers, but I guess here SIM is talking about the officers treatment to the low wage workers.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Amjad: you're right about what you said.


I was referring to the local foreign community that was being treated unfairly.

Surely, it's not too much to ask for some respect?