Thursday, August 16, 2007

who would you choose to be?

What is beauty without a form? What is an intiative without taking the risk of losing the definitive?

The role of life surrounds many themes. Some trust their instincts. Others trust nothing but themselves. Others just take the flow as it is and think nothing of it.

The cherished desires that we all hold deep in our hearts, our very souls are the ones that drive us to where we would meet with the true calling of our nature: destiny. It is not destiny that put us into this world. It is not destiny that makes us believe that we should take one path or another.

But, like the devil, destiny chooses to play the non-existent role playing module that surround us with it's willful yet intangible power that could the glass of time and water flow of the space itself.

What we choose to be is of our own nature.

Which path we choose to live is also of our own desire and ability to control such a nature.

But what holds us between the two is nothing more of circumstance, reason and doubt and a little emotion.

Who would you choose to be?