Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ironical measures

It is so ironic to see slogans being shouted out to bring down the bad habit of families rising up with the rates of Mahr that the groom-to-be has to pay in order to get married to his beloved wife-to-be. It is also a shame that there's a supposed law of a ceiling of no more than 2,000 Omani Riyals that no one in the entire country adheres to, to allow marriages to flow freely as possible without financial entanglements.

But what really takes the piss out of this situation is the fact that not one person in an authoritative position is really doing anything about it. In fact, if anything, they are increasing the pressure on the remaining male and females genders of the society that wish to get married with such things such as rising prices of getting a home, lands, services, and even the banks have joined in by offering loans to 'make dream marriages come true'.

When two people come together for a marriage they expect to take life's difficulties one pace at a time, and not all in one go, and especially not through facilitating marriage loans that offer you to payback the installments in long-term installments with interest.

One such bank is BankMuscat. I am not saying that BankMuscat is the only bank that is wrong in increasing pressure but it is one of the major players in the banking industry.

I ask that the authorities concerned should take an proactive movement in such a long life dilemma to the utmost consideration lest they want to see the number of single people arising in a country that drives on depending on a population that is less than 40 years old by 75%.


Amjad said...

Although His Majesty once clearly stated that he gave orders that the dowry should be between 500 - 2000 Omani Rials, some families still ask for more than 2000 Omani Rials. I even heard that some families ask for more than 50,000 & 70,000 Omani Rials, I don't know how true is that though. And in the marriage contract they always write that the dowry given is 2000 Omani Rials even if it was much more than that.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

That is true.

I still know people who get married and are asked way beyond their limits and are not paying debts of the loans that a certain bank are asking of him just because he used that loan to get married.

Marriage should not be a debt-culture. It should be something as easy as 1-2-3.

Why does tradition always screw up things that are so simple?

Anonymous said...

"Why does tradition always screw up things that are so simple?"

This is so painfully true!!

If I just could meet this so called "tradition" in flesh!!..It would be much easier to deal with.

Sorry, you got me so provoked by your question :P

muscati said...

Someone's playing with facts here.

BankMuscat does not have a marriage loan. If you want to take a personal loan and use it to get married or pay a dowry, that's your own choice. But the bank does not have a specific wedding loan.

On the other hand, BankMuscat does have a specific wedding savings plan, which you obviously know about because the picture you used in this post is taking from BankMuscat's advertising for this product which can also be found on:

muscati said...

sorry, the link is incomplete. It was truncated.

This is the link

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Apologies, as I had no intention of playing around with facts. But the site does say that you have the option to pay your premium back in installments and through credit/debit cards.

I presumed it was a loan.

I hope this clears up what I meant.

However, this does not solve the issue at hand that the dowry prices are over rated these days setting people on a debt in the days of their marriage.

Meticulousness said...

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "The best of marriage is that which is made easiest." Narrated by Ibn Hibbaan

You know, our media isn't doing much about this matter though. How if they air a documentary on spreading awareness about such matters highlighting the pessimistic sides of it and its influence on the local society? But nothing has been done so far ‘cause of multiple of reasons and here is one of them; I think those with high positions in the country wouldn’t be pleased with such issues being revealed nor discussed on the national television for they are the ones’ to follow these traditions literally when it comes to dowry. Not to mention that the media here is controlled by the government.

It’s a rare scene having any of them accepting less than 2k for their daughters. It’s a pity I must say.

muscati said...

People talk about dowries like they are the only thing that's expensive about getting married. In the lawatia community we have dowries of just 401 rials, but does that mean that getting married isn't expensive? Of course not.

What really kills is the gifts, the jewelry sets, and most of all the wedding itself. Even the most reasonable girl, who doesn't want a high dowry would still want a nice wedding. Most probably in a hotel where it costs between 8 and 14 rials per guest, not counting the cost of the wedding dress, the wedding stage, the photographer, the flowers, and most ridiculously the invitations themselves which sometimes cost as much as 5 rials each!!

I have no problem with paying a big dowry when the money goes to the girl and she uses it to prepare herself for her marriage. But what pisses me off is when it goes to her father like he sold his daughter.