Sunday, August 19, 2007

CCC gradually coming back to life

I was going through the Qurum area today and decided to drive through, if I could, the Capital Commercial Centre's parking lot.

The gates were finally lifted and everything was just breathing in life all over again. 2nd Cup had installed new windows, the other restaurants next to it were still left as they were after the Gonu incident; this is including: Nando's; Bollywood Chaat; and Pizza Hut.

Suprisingly, the CCC/Qurum branch for Mcdonald's had it's drive-thru opened up for customers but there wasn't anyone waiting in line.

Coming back to the haunting memories of seeing this place being over-flooded by rainfall was a dreadful memory to remember. But thank God, that no one was in the store at that time, since the country declared an emergency state of affairs.

Everything else was closed down, but it seems that work is afoot to have everything back to normal by the time Ramadhan would loom over the Sultanate.

Hopefully, it will.


Anonymous said...

Our maid reckons that there were 3 Filipinos in McDonalds when it flooded, and they all died.

I also heard that a number of looters ("with watches all up their arms" etc) in CCC drowned to death as the water level hit the ceiling.

Can anyone confirm whether or not these are true?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I have no idea about such hearsay. But should anything fall into my lap about such information, everyone on this blog will be the first to know.