Monday, August 06, 2007 What next?

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What Next?

So, now, we are back at this point. The point of having to try to ask back everything bad that we had ever done in our lives. The point of whereby we ask God that we could have another chance at bringing back things to what they were before everything.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, here. In the sense that we cannot ask to have everything back as it used to be.

Gonu came and went, and probably had been the worst nightmare anyone in the Sultanate had ever dreamt of experiencing. But it did happen. It happened, though, with the least amount of human fatalities ever known. It destroyed commercial areas in Qurum where most of the Omani folks in Muscat do their shopping for many various occasions. It is unknown when all the establishments in that part of Oman will be back to normal working order. But it definitely won't be anytime soon from the looks of it.

Would this have a bearing on the purchasing power of the Omani consumer? I don’t think so. Even though there are many different projects on the roll to shake up the private sector here in Oman; just waiting to see the watery mouths of the investors to inject into the industry is enough proof that Oman's economy is doing extremely well besides all these catastrophic events.

But when Ramadhan looms over Oman this year sometime in September – and loom, it will – where will everyone go for their daily shopping? Where would all go and enjoy the few nights that they get together as families (which is perhaps maybe twice or three times a year) for a nice Iftar? What about the beach road cafes and the road networks there?

There are many questions that are going through my mind at the moment. Main question that has to be double underlined here is –– Gonu has come and gone, but what happens now?


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- What next?


Balqis said...

with the least amount of human fatalities ever known.

lol when I read this I said to myself either Ali has gone crazy or something happened
Also the rest of the article is bit caged
I know you don't like to write in an "undirect way", let's call it like this, but the reader of a certain level can grab your message
And as I told you many times, if this is the price to pay to be more free in the future, let's take it
I must confess I had to hold myself in my last posts on the blog : am starting to apply selfcensorship principles
Not sure for how long I can do it, sometimes I think that is better to quit rather than writing in a proxy way
Today I picked an intestinal indian thing to say that Iranian politicians are bip
I swear I don't know how it came to my mind

Sleepless In Muscat said...



could you elaborate further on what you mean here?

Balqis said...

I italianise English sometimes :P
Bit forced I mean
Having read all your previous items and knowing how you think, is like you expressed your views in quite a moderate tone
But the intelligent reader [and for sure that's your target ] will know how to read your words

Watery mouths I liked and we know who helps these mouths from the inside, but cannot be highlighted on media, what to do