Sunday, August 26, 2007

so after yesterday - what exactly happened?

Everyone was expressing a happy birthday greeting and everyone was happy, shy and so humble when they came up to me to say they wished me a great day.

I got so many SMS's and calls - even internationally - for the same occasion.

I have to say, it really did make me feel good about myself. I thought being 29 would be a drag, now I can't wait to be 30. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

So what after that day? What after that glorious true momentum in the height of happiness? What happens now?

Now there's a more serious role and character to be rolled out not to the public, but unto me. For my well being. For my mental security. Pressing on the desires and needs that I want in my life; be that if I get married or not.

One of the features of turning 29 when you're a male of which I have noticed happen to me over a period of time is independency. Born a man, you have to realize a true fact of life. Woman mature at a younger age than men do. Therefore, men take their time until they reach a true moment of matureness; no matter how childish his behavior may be.

Hence, in that context, independency, is a feature of both the man & the woman's sign of maturity, i.e.: realizing they have to achieve things on their own without the help of their peers, spouses or legal guardians. But that's not to say that they steer clear away from trouble, as guidance is a necessity in all aspects of life - no matter how big or small.

To save up, to buy their own things, to not need to ask money or help when a solution is right there for them, etc. This is often sought through obtaining a medium whereby they can get the financial exchange or rewards for their services towards society, be it through a company or a governmental organization or a self employed agency.

To say that one grows wiser is about as intelligent a saying as doctors say about the elderly and how they lose their memory along the way up the 'staircase' - so to say; it just cannot be generalized.

So, back to that question.

What happens now?

We'll just have to wait & see; won't we?