Sunday, August 19, 2007

haven't they had enough, already?

There's been word circulating around that New Line Cinema & Bret Ratner are willing to push further and make another Rush Hour movie - this time, setting the scene for Jackie Chan's & Chris Tucker's characters to be set loose in Moscow.

It's bad enough as it is that Rush Hour 3, although it has cleared the box race up until this moment, was (or rather is) one lousy movie made to up the hype of the cinema that has no brains whatsoever for originality.

That's not the only sad case of a movie franchise not put to bed, there's also some murmuring around for a Men In Black 3, Bourne 4, M:I-4, Spiderman 4, Die Hard 5, Pirates of the Carribean 4 and one last Resident Evil.

It's no wonder nobody wants to watch American movies anymore, they've lost their touch with what the audience really wants to see or clearly the audience's tastes ain't what it used to be.



- Rush Hour 4 is set in Moscow at WorstPreviews


Amjad said...

I KNEW it! .. lol

Sleepless In Muscat said...

care to share?


Amjad said...

I mean I had this feeling that since there were so many sequels in this year they would think of making more sequels, lol.. especially for Rush Hour 3 & Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Right after watching Rush Hour 3 I said to myself, I won't be surprised if after a few months they announce that they're making Rush Hour 4...