Sunday, August 12, 2007

Royal Oman Police - Part 2: all the king's women & all the king's men

It's now been about 5 months since the Royal Oman Police had implemented the simplified procedures of whereby if you have a simple accident that you go straight to the insurance company to get a claim based upon whose fault it is.

But you still see the people of Oman oblivious to this fact.

More than 4 accidents have happened in 3 day period and all occurring without any human loss whatsoever. Yet the drivers leave the vehicles on the public road as they are and stand aside as traffic is at a bottleneck whether it is to see what has happened to cause all this commotion or because of traffic peak during the day.

The fact of the matter, that even though the ROP states that it has cut down dramatically on the number of traffic accidents due to these mishappenings, there still seems to be a minority that wants to clutch onto that part of the past for the sake of assurance that 'justice has it's rewards'.

More importantly, you still see people speeding by you like they were in a race for life or death against time even when the road ahead of them is paved with passing speed-o-monitors.

Yet you can be glad about one thing, though, that the authorities are trying to cut back on the number of people they award their licenses to but only if they are under the age of 21 years.

Maybe this time around, they'll also re-implement the fines they established in the beginning and bring back the good old times of where you can have a nice, fun, and safe driving experience on the roads of Oman.