Tuesday, May 30, 2006

common sense

your life is yours always and will always be but unless you are there to seize the day then you are bound to go nowhere at all and fast. the fact of life is that there will always be challenges to face no matter how slow or fast things seem to be going in due course of time. and in the end the reality of the situation will slap you in the face with this; that nothing will ever become unless you become that factor which changes yourself.

sure this sounds a bit akward. and a bit too philosophical but there will always be things in your life that you may never understand unless you stand up and question yourself the big 'why?' - right?

i am not saying that there will never be a time to go around and have fun. but take it this way; if your life is going topsey turvey, and you're in a mud puddle that you think you can never get out of without someone's help, what would you do? would you stand there and wait for someone to help you out or would you think of some sort of solution that would help you out of it?

there's a saying they say somewhere on this vast planet and it goes like this; 'give me a fish and i will eat a day, teach me how to fish and i will be able to fish for a lifetime'.

do i not make sense here?