Monday, May 22, 2006

O' Brother. Where art thou?

Signs of doomsday ugliness are everywhere to see.

Common collision between nations and brothers of the same of the blood, clan and/or family. Health diseases around the world because of mankind taking the twist and turn of reality that need not be of taking it far too easy with every single technological embrace that we set ourselves out to because it looks so 'cool'. We choose these days to ignore the nowadays bad news on the first news of a local and/or international newsmedia to go on and watch what we need not be watching that helps us 'escape' the tremors of such a bad day.



The Tibet border.



The USA.

The UK.


Even; Oman.

Is it so hard to look at the truth in the eye and just hold in the reality of the situation of which we have brought ourselves to?

What we have brought upon ourselves is simple ignorance. We had thought that everything would naturally take care of itself once ther interference was done. But that wasn't it, was it? In fact, everything has become worse. What's to be done now?

No longer does the statement 'ignorance is bliss' imply itself upon the nation's leaders and decision makers of the world, does it now?


Jassim said...

the revolution will not be televised

Omani Halwa & Masala Chai said...

I agree. The news on these topics is equivalent to scores in the sports section of the daily news. Nos. of dead as in; civils, police, men, women, children. A rebel is foreseen, enrouting either Peace or Disaster.