Thursday, May 04, 2006

the logic behind the emotion

There is just one thing that I don't get these days.

Why enter into a relationship with someone when you already plan ahead for the next bold step but end up being battered with demotivational feelings that you could lose your head over and possibly even seclude yourself from the environment that surrounds you?

What is the whole point?

If your sole purpose on this Earth - as your eyes may see it - is just to have a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband - then indeed, your whole life is a waste.

Where's the fun you feel when you discover yourself? When you tie up your emotions and ask yourself to be more sincere to you and yourself than to being cavalier towards others? Isn't the challenge of being alive much more broadening in a wider perspective than it is when you contain yourself within the paradigm that love and other parpatual emotions pulls you into?

Isn't this plain logical?


Ella said...

it does make sense!!